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    3rd @HOCR in the books! Finished 14th overall with my masters four from @SammamishRowing - started bow #22, passed several crews, including three at the start of the Eliot turn, and had a really solid race overall. (I’m particularly proud of my Weeks and Eliot turns, especially Eliot… #sneakattack #bladesinthebuoys) (at Charles River)

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  4. When someone not in our boat tries to join our boat meeting


  5. 400,000: Spectators spectating

    235,500: Competitors in 50 years

    233,294: Population of Reno, NV

    10,541: Rowers Rowing

    2,252: Boats Boating

    1965: The year it all began

    776: Clubs Competing

    364.4: Length, in Smoots, of the Mass Ave Bridge

    375: Distance in miles if 50 years of boats lined up bow-to-stern

    350: Buoys

    268: Athletes competed in the first HOCR

    100: Trailers Parked at FALS

    78: Number of “shakes” in Taylor Swift’s recent hit

    70: Kegs at Reunion Village

    50: Fantastic Years of Regatta

    36: Number of the world’s best athletes competing in 4 Great Eights

    32: Countries represented

    24: My stroke rate in last year’s head wind

    10: Days left to train

    7: Bridges

    5: Decades

    4: The number of Z’s I wanted to add to “Digitz”

    3: Best seat in the house

    2: Horseman racing in the Men’s Quad

    1: Male Model on staff #NBDHOCR


  6. So ready for HOCR50



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    Seems familiar.

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  12. Rowing causes a lot of pain. We hate it for that but we also kind of love it for that. Think about rowing without the pain, it wouldn’t be such a passion and love.
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    "Your body will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. Your only recourse is to call on your spirit, which fortunately functions independently of logic." - Unknown 

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