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    I don’t care if you pull a 5:40 or 7:30 2k, guy or girl, whatever. If you belittle other peoples’ 2k times, you’re a terrible person and a disgrace to sportsmanship.

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    Aerials Rowing by bernhardlang
    Aerial photographs of rowing boats

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  3. Rowers tend to be really tough because they continue to work hard in this environment where success and even appreciation is rare and uncertain. Basketball players get to slap hands when they miss a free throw, we don’t.
    — Anonymous (Coach)

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    Elk Lake Boathouse

    home <3

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    From the HOCR archives, 2013 Women’s Youth 8+

    This is a lot like my HOCR 2013 experience

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  7. When you have a coxswain that just calls out the same thing throughout the whole piece




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    take me back to twizel and stunning lakes and high mountains and no responsibilities 

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    Always reblog

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