1. coxycat asked: I cox for Medford hbu?

    Oh awesome! I’m not allowed to say what team I’m on but I’m just a few towns over. :)


  2. portoarstarboard:

    Long beach was pretty rad

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  3. coxycat asked: I cox just outside boston toooo!!!

    Really! That’s awesome :) maybe we have raced before! Where do you cox??


  4. nerfiti:

    Because ANIMATION.

    And ROWING.

    About 30 minutes on photoshop. And too long spent off the water.

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  5. 2K Tests


    The first 250m:

    2nd 500m:


    3rd 500:


    4th 500m:


    After you finish:


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  6. First race of the season yesterday!



  8. oar-head:

    1. Erging sucks.
    2. Boats are heavier than they appear.
    3. Never come to practice without a water bottle.
    4. Food has never tasted better.
    5. Your hands will look like you attacked them with a cheese grater.
    6. Blisters eventually become calluses. Calluses never disappear.
    7. You will always be in some sort of…

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  10. justrow:


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  11. When the coxswain says your favorite call during a race



  13. Party in the open 4+ today



  15. photograph-maddimoo:

    This is probably one of the most powerful photos i took at the Head of the River last weekend.

    This Year 9 crew caught a crab and the oar snapped. After finishing the race, the boy in front turned around and hugged his teammate. It’s okay

    I honestly was so moved by this and i think it really shows the commitment and importance of teamwork in a sport like rowing. It’s all about support and braving conditions together, both the good and the bad. 

    I think it’s beautiful.

    It’s okay.

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